General research interests

I’m interested in inference and engineering problems. I have an astronomical bias towards stars, and I’m interested in what they can tell us about the Universe. In particular my astronomy research includes:

  • stars in stellar streams as tracers of the Milky Way potential,
  • extremely metal-poor stars,
  • chemical-tagging, and
  • stars in dwarf spheroidal galaxies.

If I were to be categorised, it would be as an observer.

I’ve observed with about a dozen telescopes around the world. I have experience with imaging and spectroscopic instruments, including integral field, long-slit and multi-object spectroscopy. I have reduced and analysed data from every telescope/instrument combination I have used, typically with bespoke pipelines that I have written. In addition to reduction pipelines, I have also produced generalised analysis codes that are suitable for both low- and high-resolution spectra (i.e., individual chemical abundances). ALl of my codes that I have written for astrophysics are open-source, or available upon request.

A list of my publications can be found here. In addition to leading my own research programmes, I am an active member of the following large surveys:

  • The Gaia-ESO Survey,
  • Galactic Archaeology with Hermes (GALAH) Survey, and
  • 4MOST.


Selected Research In Press

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