Triple J's Hottest 100

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Triple J is an Australian radio station and every year they run the Triple J’s Hottest 100, a democractically elected pick of the top 100 songs produced in the previous year. It is the largest democratic music election in the world, and each year it becomes more popular. Every person can vote for 10 songs, and on Australia Day they count down to #1. Any song is eligible for a vote, but Triple J usually only lists the ~top 1,000 songs on their website.

Last year I wanted to make “The most informed decision I ever made” – I would listen to every song on the Triple J website, give it a score, and then chose my top 10 from my highest rated songs. It took around 2 weeks to listen to every song, and there were certainly some crappy songs. But after all of it, I had a great playlist of songs with “4 or more stars”. Last year I had to write some Python code to scrape all the songs from Triple J, search YouTube, download the video from YouTube, scrape the audio to MP3, and put it in an iTunes playlist.

This year it’s even easier because they have put all 1,008 songs in a Spotify playlist. Here’s what I didn’t do, but what I would do if I wanted to grab all these songs:

Steps to making the most informed decision you’ll ever make

** Note: Read all the steps first, you might find you can skip Step #1 :-) **

  1. Open Spotify and find the Triple J Hottest 100 Candidates playlist

  2. Select all songs, copy, and paste to notepad. This is what it should look like. Save this file as hottest-100-candidates.txt in a new folder.

  3. I’m assuming you have Ruby installed here. If so, from a terminal use gem install spotify-to-mp3

  4. spotify-to-mp3 hottest-100-candidates.txt will find the artist and name for each song, search for it on Grooveshark, and download it to the current directory.

  5. Add all your songs to an iTunes playlist. Listen to it. Rate each song out of five stars as it ends.

  6. Vote!

After I had listened to ~2 weeks of music last year, carefully rating each song, I forgot to do the last step. So for me, “The most informed decision I ever made” became “The most informed decision I never made”.

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